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пятница, 10 апреля 2009 г.
~SOWK~ Seleny...Angel 22:44:32
I don't care.
I needed these bright colours.
I needed to feel this spring.
I don't care.
Everything's gonna be ok.
I know this. Yeah, we do.
Now I'm even more sensitive than ever.
I don't know why.
And I cried after seeing that movie.
Yes, I did.
And I'm OK.
Yes, I am.
Probably, there's smth wrong with me.
I don't care.

Музыка Background
Настроение: Sleepy
Хочется: Ice Cream
Категории: About nothing, Forget it, Future, Sleeplessness, Somewhere only we know
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воскресенье, 8 марта 2009 г.
Huh? Seleny...Angel 10:24:11
Mmm, do you know what impresses me most? The fact, that guys are so damm shocked, when you tell them, that you like playing races xDDD Why do you think, that we have to be weak all the time? Why can’t a girl be fond of playing NFS? xDDD Why Audi can’t be my favourite car? Why don’t you believe, that my favourite colors are grey and black? xDDD Why can’t you understand, that we are different and individual?))

Музыка DJ Rostova
Настроение: Feel like dancing
Хочется: to change the weather
Категории: Questions, {-Bo-o-oring-}
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четверг, 5 марта 2009 г.
I know...) Seleny...Angel 21:50:06
When the Moon is high in the dark sky, I know, that you are looking at it too...
And it's soooo cool to know this..=)
And despite everything I know, that one day everything will be ok..))
I know, that each of us will be happy..))

Музыка silence
Настроение: unknown
Хочется: Mmmm
Категории: Future, My life, Somewhere only we know
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суббота, 21 февраля 2009 г.
What a nice day! Seleny...Angel 19:34:39
Happy Birthday to me?:-?­
Yeah! xDDDD


Музыка Smth xDDD
Настроение: Cooooooooooooool
Хочется: to keep having fun
Категории: Crazy!!!, Happy!, Holidays, Yahoo!!!
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суббота, 14 февраля 2009 г.
Everytime Seleny...Angel 19:56:29

It's never too late to say a simple phrase
"I love you"
Don't be afraid of saying it!=)
Happy St. Valentine Day!=)



The End
Happy End

Музыка Coldplay - Viva la vida
Настроение: Nice
Хочется: Everybody to smile and to be happy)))
Категории: Happy!, Holidays, Yahoo!!!
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пятница, 9 января 2009 г.
.... Seleny...Angel 20:59:46
A cold, freazing wind from the opened window...
Wet hair and skin, smells like a cup of coffee...)
This odor filled the whole room...
I miss my friends...
How are they now?..
This the worts thing of making friends through the Internet:
You love them so much!!!, but you can't help them...
And they know everything about you: all your dreams, they just smile and don't say, that they are stupid or impossible
Now YOU know nothing about me...
Those stupid pages of this blog mixed up in your head and you can't understand it...
Maybe, one day, you'll know more about me, but not today, 'cause...))

Музыка I'll stand by you
Настроение: Went out
Хочется: To become an angel and to fly to my friends
Категории: About nothing, [...Feelings amd emotions...], Somewhere only we know, Night Thougths, My thoughts...
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Yellow?Pink?Blue?.. Seleny...Angel 08:02:54
Huh, honey, why have you done it?=))
Yeah, it’s easy to drink 4 cups of coffee at night, but what for?))
To get sleeplessness?.. Ah, you don’t need this)
You know, idioms are quite interesting…
I spent the whole night for learning them))
And the USA, GB, Canada, Australia… and UA – soooo boring…)))
But what can I do with this?
Right – nothing!
I don't like to write big and long topiocs here...
I don’t know why…
Lately my blog’s become so stupid and boring…)
But who cares?
I usually write here everything, that somehow have got into my head…)
And the white snow kept falling down..)

Музыка Anna Sedakova - My heart
Настроение: Sweet
Хочется: Nothing...
Категории: About nothing, Forget it
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четверг, 8 января 2009 г.
A broken promise?..))) Seleny...Angel 00:10:15
Why do candles die so quickly?..
Why do they live such a short life?..
Hm, now it's about 2 a.m. and I'm sitting in my room and looking at this blue candle..
It's melting and its blue blood slowly runs down to the table...
I promise, that tomorrow I'll start studying topics... Yeah, I promised it to myself...
Hm, let's see, what I'll get..))

Музыка Silence
Настроение: So so
Хочется: To fall asleep
Категории: About nothing, Wish me luck, Sleeplessness, Night Thougths, Forget it
понедельник, 5 января 2009 г.
Cold fingers... Seleny...Angel 21:25:22
I've changed my design... Now it looks so dark...But I like it..)))
Hm, a candle at my table...Slowly,mmm,­ dying? No one cares of it...
Where is he now? How is he? What's he doing? Did he find a place to live?..
I'm nervous, dammit!!!
Please, don't give in! You're strong!..
You can overcome all these things!..
I suppose, today I won't fall asleep again...
The heart is ready to get out from my body and to fall into small pieces...
I'm not nervous, I'm not nervous, I'm not nervous...
Shit, I am...

Музыка Background
Настроение: Awful!!!!
Хочется: To be sure, that everything is alright with him
Категории: Awful(((, Sleeplessness, [...Feelings amd emotions...], SOS!!!!
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суббота, 27 декабря 2008 г.
Seleny...Angel 13:59:44
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воскресенье, 21 декабря 2008 г.
~Turn around~ Seleny...Angel 12:41:30
Well, here I am again… I haven’t been here for…2 weeks? Or even more… Ah, whatever!
Mm, feeling sad now… I miss my friend! Only 5 weeks left. Only?)
Xmas is coming, the last week of school and then holidays… Hm, the weather is wonderful! White and fluffy snow, that looked so primeval until the morning, until all people got out from their houses)
And every day is the same) You wake up in the morning to the song of Green Day “Wake me up, when September ends”), have a cup of coffee, put on your clothes and make-up, try to find your iPod, say “Bye” & “Have a nice day” to everybody in the house, then a loud music, people around you, speeding at their works, small kids and their parents and this is so cool) Adults don’t mention a young smiling girl, but their small children do, and they smile you in response)) And when you try to find smth tasty in your school bag, to feed a houseless puppy, but you already know, that there’s nothing there( And a normal school day, when you realize, that you and your friends are the only people, who take care of the holiday at school and try to do your best to organize it. When you decorate your class, when you’re singing songs, and laughing on your way home with your friend. When you write a small letter to you friend, that you love her a lot and you are so happy, that she is always by your side. When you downloaded children’s songs from the Internet, and started singing it out loud, lying on the bed and laughing with your best friend.
And you already know, that you have only one year to choose your life. To enter a university, to study… But what should you do, when you don’t know what you want to become?..
Hah, like always, a new game, try to understand smth from this text) I don’t envy people, who read my blog, ‘cause sometimes even I can’t understand it)


Музыка Paramore - We're broken
Настроение: Mmmm
Хочется: Nothing
Категории: Future, My thoughts..., Questions, Somewhere only we know
понедельник, 8 декабря 2008 г.
Seleny...Angel 11:13:55
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пятница, 5 декабря 2008 г.
Gimme some medicine, please!!!I can... Seleny...Angel 18:22:20
Gimme some medicine, please!!!
I can't stand this pain any more!!!
It's too hard...
I can't talk... It's painfull to breathe...
Just an usual cold...But I can't keem myself from crying...Why?!..
So painful..
Away from my friends...Don't let them read this...Please!
Come on!
"Just Dance! Gonna be OK!"
Damm, please, give me medicine...
I can't be ill! I simply can't! I have a lot of things to do!!!
I can't let down my friends!!!

Музыка Smth of TH... I don't know...
Настроение: Awful
Хочется: Give me some medicine, plz...
Категории: Awful(((, [...Feelings amd emotions...], Forget it
вторник, 2 декабря 2008 г.
Just my thoughts or smth else?.. Seleny...Angel 21:36:03
All people are tend to be in hurry...There look forward to a new day...But time runs too quickly...And then in a couple of years you want to turn everything back...But you can do nothing...There is a moment in our life, when we realize, that we want to become that small smiling child again...to live again!!!To be a teen and to feel your first love, first kiss...We have a lack of time...A lack of life!..Enjoy your life, live every second(c), 'cause it's highly estimated nowadays!..Use this chance - we'll never have another one

Музыка Nirvana - Smells like teen spirit
Настроение: So so
Хочется: Nothing
Категории: My life, My thoughts..., Night Thougths, [...Feelings amd emotions...], Somewhere only we know
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вторник, 25 ноября 2008 г.
0=) Seleny...Angel 12:47:51
Hm... Almost one month. So strange!
Million thoughts in my head, but I didn't want write them here.
I've started writing poems and drawing pictures))) What's wrong with me?..
During this month a sleeplessness has become a part of my life...
Only 5-6 hours of sleep a day - and I'm almost happy))
Let me to sleep perhaps till 9 or 10 a.m. and that would be awesome!
Xmas is coming in one month... I've downloaded an old movie, which I liked to watch, when I was a kid.
It's so difficult to estimate the importance of such moments: just to sit in the room, to watch that old film and to smile, 'cause you realize, that you are not that child any more...
And the real Xmas comes, when all your friends and relatives are happy. And you are not interesting in presents for yourself any more) You're dreaming about the best way of finding best presents for them)

Музыка Silence
Настроение: Feeling bad
Хочется: Mmmmm..))
Категории: My thoughts..., Sleeplessness, Somewhere only we know
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понедельник, 3 ноября 2008 г.
Give her more!!!! (c) Seleny...Angel 06:07:50
A morning...
Only 3 hours of sleep...
A cup of coffee!!!
My music! Loud! Very loud!!! Come on!!!..
That's all I need now!
Smile, honey! OK? *smiling*
2 weeks till smth new...
8 weeks till the 1st end...
Yeah! xDDD

Музыка BS - Gimme more
Настроение: 0_o
Хочется: Nothing...
Категории: My life, My thoughts..., [...Feelings amd emotions...], About nothing
пятница, 31 октября 2008 г.
Buhaha! xDDD Seleny...Angel 08:53:05
Do you know what's the date today?!]:-)­
Yeah, you're right - the 31st of October & it means, that...O:-)­ Today is the Halloween!
Thus:-?­ Happy Halloween to everybody!!!

Hm, but the weather is soooo bad: rain, wind... WTF?!8-}­ I hope, that this year I won't read about the political systems of English-speaking coutries all night(:|­
In 40 minutes I'm leaving the house and going to the cinema with my friends... Last three days of freedom and then - schooool... Pf! A scary word... And, of course, the 2d of November - a big-big suprise for our friendO:-)­

Музыка Silence
Настроение: Amazing!!!
Хочется: I want this stupid rain to stop!!!
Категории: Holidays, Happy!, My life, Yahoo!!!
понедельник, 27 октября 2008 г.
Try to understand smth xDD Seleny...Angel 09:57:18
I'm afraid not to know what to say.
Stupid topics!.. USA! USA! USA! Dammit!
No, I'm not nervous!
And also a writing...
I'm really afraid to fail everything!!!
I need to meet Kate...A cinema. Yeah...
Always, when I need to talk to her, I hear only this stupid voice in the cell phone "...try to call later..."
And all those letters))It was so nice to read them.

Музыка Coldplay
Настроение: ...
Хочется: To head for some warm island, far away from here
Категории: My life, My thoughts..., Questions, About nothing
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вторник, 21 октября 2008 г.
Perfect world..? Seleny...Angel 16:08:55
It's so cool to view main pages of different sites and to read smth like:
"Ah! Autumn!!! What a wonderful season!" & "Dammit! I hate it! This stupid fall always only spoils everything in my life" xDDD
It might sound strange, but I feel nothing about it! Just NOTHING! I'm a kind of a mix of all these feelings)))
Hm, even less then 2 weeks left till the that competition, but I don't care!=) And then FLEX... *smiling* I will never win it, but, honestly, I don't want to! xD USA... Sure, a nice state, but!!! Poor Ksenya... Now she is in the USA and do you know what? Her family doesn't give her any food, the temperature in her room is about 15C, the nearest shop is 20 mins away by car and she has no warm clothes, 'cause they don't allow her to go and buy some!!! And this is one of the richest states in the world?!Pf! No way! UA - the best country ever! xDDD

Музыка Britney Spears - Womanizer
Настроение: Good
Хочется: Where is my bed? xDD
Категории: Forget it, Future, {-Bo-o-oring-}
суббота, 11 октября 2008 г.
Seleny...Angel 19:13:34
Запись только для зарегистрированных пользователей.
среда, 8 октября 2008 г.
Forget it! Seleny...Angel 17:33:36
A headache... Again!!! Damm it!!!
Try to do my h/t, but I can't...
No one needs to know about this...
So why I'm writting this?..
My head simply doesn't work.
What's wrong with me?..
Now I really want to feel fit...
Where is my bed?..
No where! I don't have it now!!!
A redecoration...
A scary word...
I can find nothing...

Музыка Silence
Настроение: Awful
Хочется: I don't know
Категории: Awful(((, About nothing, Forget it
Morning Seleny...Angel 05:09:54
You wanted to see London?=)
Here you are!
The whole town is covered with fog...
Like a big ghost.
Cold and wet - a real autumn...

Музыка Tokio Hotel
Настроение: Emmm
Хочется: Not to go to school...
Категории: My thoughts..., About nothing
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среда, 1 октября 2008 г.
Really, why?.. Seleny...Angel 17:45:10
Ah, do you know, why I like Thursdays?..
'Cause on Thursdays' mornings I get up and say myself:"Hold on! Only 2 days left till holidays... Cheer up!"
Tomorrow is Thursday!

But the morning of the Friday is the nicest thing:
"Finally!!! The end of the week!!!"=)

And I also like, when we don't have to come on the 1st lesson)))
Tomorrow I'm sleeping for one more hour longer)))

Only 4 lessons till 13:15 and then: Home, Sweet home!! xDDD
Autumn makes me feel always tired... Or, maybe it's school?)))
Doesn't matter!

I must admit, that I'm quite a sleepyhead)
It's horrible, when I have to rise at 6:25...
Of course, I don't sleep till 16:00, but...
12 hours for a sleep - the best time to feel fit)))

And no-o-o-ow...
Say "Good Bye" to Sel=),

'cause Sel=) is saying you "Sweet Dreams!!!"=)

Good Night!

Музыка Tatu - You and I
Настроение: *sleeps*
Хочется: To hug my pillow
Категории: My thoughts..., [...Feelings amd emotions...], Night Thougths, School is sucks!
воскресенье, 28 сентября 2008 г.
An empty room... Seleny...Angel 17:45:17
So difficult!..
All these things...
Put them into the boxes...
I don't feel like saying "Bye" to them...
I'm not ready yet!!!
No! Don't take my memories!..
I can't handle this situation!
It looks so gloomy!..

Музыка Rihanna - Cry
Настроение: I don't know...
Хочется: Nothing
Категории: [...Feelings amd emotions...], My life, My thoughts..., Somewhere only we know, About nothing
пятница, 26 сентября 2008 г.
F-R-I-D-A-Y!!!! Seleny...Angel 13:39:57
Say it again and again!!!
I'm happy!!!

Two days of sleeping, listening to the music and mixing in the ICQ!..
Thank Goodness!!!
So tired of going to school!!!Just wanna stay at home and to lie in the bed!!! Ah,my pillows!!!
Why do I have to study Math, Physics and Chemistry, if I know, that I don't need it in my life?!

All these laws... Yuck!!!

Музыка NikitA
Настроение: 99 red balloons!... Mmmm?xDDD
Хочется: To blow up the school!!!
Категории: School is sucks!, Somewhere only we know, Yahoo!!!, Happy!
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