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четверг, 25 сентября 2008 г.
xDDD Seleny...Angel 12:35:30
OMG! I can't stand it!!! xD
Our English school book is so damm stupid!!!8-}­
One exercise from it...which I had to do at the lesson. The topic of the unit was sport...
You have to answer the questions8-}­ ... So, here they are:
1) You are a good swimmer, aren't you? - No, I'm not:-$­
2) Do you have much training? - No...8-}­
3) Have you got a good trainer? - No...:-P­
4) What is his (her) name? - Dammit!!! I don't go in for sports!!!8-}­ :-|­ ]:-)­
5) Is swimming your only sports? - somebody, please kill me! I can't read this nonsence anymore!!!(:|­ 8-}­
What can you learn, by answering these questions?!:-?­

Or what about our teacher?..
She says, that I can't use "'cause"!!! It's a sl!!!8-}­ (:|­
"We don't have Oxword books ar school, so you have to use only words from our book"

8-|­ 8-|­ 8-|­ Was it a joke?!

Wonderfull english lessons: our teacher and my classmates talk about Bred Pitt, Jonny Depp and other stars8-}­ At English?! *going crazy*
But I'm sooooo happy, that it's Friday tomorrow!!!! Aliluya!!!!
8 lessons, then English at home and holidays....
Ah... Amazingly nice!!!
Sel, relax, take it easy...xD


Музыка Nelly Furtado - Say it right
Настроение: Niceeee
Хочется: Mmmm, "Skittles"!!! xDDD
Категории: School is sucks!, Crazy!!!, {-Bo-o-oring-}, Holidays, Happy!
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среда, 17 сентября 2008 г.
An Allergy and a Headache....My old good friends. Seleny...Angel 19:28:24
Do you have dreams?..
I do... I have a special copy-book, where I write down all my dreams and then underline, which come true...
But now I want only to sleep enough!!! I want to lie in the bed for the whole day and to watch DVD's...
And that's all! No! I also want to light the candles...
Lonely romantic)))

Музыка Keane
Настроение: I'm not sure
Хочется: To sleep for the whole day
Категории: Somewhere only we know, My life, My thoughts...
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вторник, 16 сентября 2008 г.
So difficult!.. Seleny...Angel 05:02:02
Damm, it's too difficult 4 me!!!
Everytime, when, I hear music, I start singing automatically!!!
It's impossible!..
I want to sing...(((
This stupid illness!!!

Музыка Silence
Настроение: Bad
Хочется: To sing!!!
Категории: My life, SOS!!!!, Somewhere only we know
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среда, 10 сентября 2008 г.
Seleny...Angel 15:49:16
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понедельник, 1 сентября 2008 г.
The first school day, still feel cold and etc) Seleny...Angel 12:31:03
Only +10C above zero and I had to sing... I felt so cold, that my voice even were trembling, though, everyone only were talking about how good I was. I don't think so! The music were too loud, the wind was too strong, I felt too cold!!! Hm, maybe is just my self-criticism... Now I'm afraid, I might fall ill, as I always do xDDD As my cousin said:"You managed to fall ill, even in summer, when it is hot and you can get the stupidest illness ever"
And now I want to say, that the most comfortable, warm and nice clothes are sneakers, jeans and a warm jersey with a hood)))Talking about our class... Well, many really good guys left the school and entered thechnical schools. Now we have a freshman in our class and only 25 people in it. As earlier we had 35))
Maybe it's good, that the class became smaller, but now it's much more different, then it was before. I've never been really "open" to all my classmates, only to my friends, the number of who isn't more then 5)

Музыка Rihanna - Disturbia
Настроение: --cold
Хочется: Warm!!!
Категории: School is sucks!
среда, 27 августа 2008 г.
~Mmmm~ Seleny...Angel 20:35:05
So strange...
Try to keep my hands closer to the candle to get warm...
I really feel cold. Again.
Mmm,fortunately, my cat made me feel warm, while lying on my legs=)
Feel better now...
Only 4 days left till the fall.
And I hate rains. I hate a dark sky... I feel sad and depressed then.
I don't need this.

Музыка Paramore
Настроение: I'm not sure
Категории: [...Feelings amd emotions...], My thoughts..., Night Thougths
вторник, 26 августа 2008 г.
Cold, cold, cold, cold!!!Damm, so c... Seleny...Angel 20:24:37
Cold, cold, cold, cold!!!
Damm, so cold!!!!(((
My hands are frozen...
My jaw hurts again... It's painful to talk, to eat, to open my mouth wide.
A Doctor? Well, she says not to talk for 2-3 week! But I'll never do this.
Maybe only when I get on a desert island))) But I never will)))
The only thing, that I can do is to wear a scarf=)

Музыка Keane
Настроение: Em...
Хочется: I won't tell you=p
Категории: Night Thougths, Sleeplessness, [...Feelings amd emotions...]
понедельник, 25 августа 2008 г.
My bed=))) Seleny...Angel 21:35:52
Today, I'm sleeping im ny bed, with my pillows and teddy bears xDDD
Yeah, be sure, I have Teddy Bears))) Three! A big one and very fluffy, a smaller one amd a Me to You teddy)))

Here it is=)))Don't take itO:-)­

Ah, I lost my mind)
Last two days I crashed with my friend. Her parents left the city and we decided to spend these weekends at her house. The weather was so hot and stuffy! Yuk! But, it was raining cats and dogs yesterday night. I couldn't fall asleep. I hate rain! I hate thunderstorm!!! I was lying in the bed and trembled everytime, when there was one more flash of the lightning on the night sky.
...Only 5 days left till the next school year. 10th form... I'm not gonna go to school till the 1st of September. No! No! No! That won't do! I have to disappear in the end of this week.. . Or simply not to pick up the phone xDDD

Музыка P!nk - So what?
Настроение: Nicccceee
Хочется: Doesn't matter=p
Категории: Free-time activity))), {-Bo-o-oring-}, Night Thougths, Sleeplessness
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понедельник, 18 августа 2008 г.
{-Bo-o-oring-} Seleny...Angel 20:29:56
MaX is offline, Sondra too...
So lonely! Only music is saving me now!
The only thought, that it is only 2 weeks left till the new school year, makes me wanna scream!!!
Fortunately, all teachers decided to get on their vacations in the end of the this month))) No one gonna call me, ask to do smth, etc. But, in case of what, I’ll disguise))):-$­
I'm planning to leave my home for this weekend: spend a few days at my friend’s place, her parents are leaving the house, so, we’ll have fun, just like at the small “after-party” after my Birthday party xDDD Sounds so stupid!!! I won’t tell you about this...:-$­ O:-)­

Музыка A.R.M.Y. - Rain
Настроение: Mmmm?..
Хочется: To talk!!!!
Категории: {-Bo-o-oring-}, About nothing, Sleeplessness, SOS!!!!
суббота, 16 августа 2008 г.
Like always?.. Seleny...Angel 18:47:49
Everything is like always...
A saving SMS...
From my friend...
When everything seems to be so..."good")))
Cell phones were invented to call!
Why don't they?!
It happens everytime.
You try to choose the best song on your signal...
But what for?!
No one will call and you won't hear it.
And then you turn off the sound...

Музыка No doubt - Don't speak
Настроение: Who cares?!..
Хочется: To talk to someone of my friends...
Категории: [...Feelings amd emotions...]
пятница, 15 августа 2008 г.
M-m-m-morning))) Seleny...Angel 07:54:35
The smell of coffee…. Ah. What can be better, if you went to bed at 3 a.m.? =))
A common thing!.. I was like always making avatars in Photoshop… For Kris… She’ll kill me xDD
Yesterday the Moon was very beautiful! I was alone at home and could watch at it, as long, as I wanted…

Музыка Milos - Yes and no
Настроение: Sweet
Хочется: Nothing
Категории: My thoughts...
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среда, 13 августа 2008 г.
Seleny...Angel 21:50:59
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суббота, 9 августа 2008 г.
"People!!! Stop fighting!!!Angels a... Seleny...Angel 17:57:11
"People!!! Stop fighting!!!
Angels are crying!
We can be better!
Love is the answer."(c)

Even in the 21st century, people's lives don't cost a thing...
And this hurts me a lot! Please, stop!!!
What do you want to reach?! A war - is not a way out!!! Even a small child knows this! And you are intelligent and already not kids!
I'm only a teen, but this war makes me wanna cry!..
I always wanted to make this world better, and now...
I'm afraid!..


Музыка TH - Heilig
Настроение: Awful!!!
Хочется: ...
Категории: [...Feelings amd emotions...]
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пятница, 8 августа 2008 г.
Trash Seleny...Angel 20:34:13
Today I decided to make a "room-cleaning"... Boah! I didn't expect, that I have so much trash in it! My mother thought, that I was evacuating my room before the repair8-}­ OMG!
But now, when I've taken out all that old stuff from my room, it became much...aahhh, roomier xDDD
I've found so many different things from my childhood! Old pictures, copy-books, etc... Alive memories)))
The main topic, which is under consideration in our family, is the repair! So strange! And I'm so tired of all these talks... Ah!
I can imagine, how many old things we'll find all over the house! All those things, they remind me about my childhood, when evrything was different! Hm...


(Do not take this pic!!! It's made by me! All right reserved!!! Who'll take it, I will bite you!!!]:-)­ ]:-)­ ]:-)­ And I'm not kidding)

Подкаст NenaUndjetztstehichh­ierundwa.mp3 ( 04:49 / 6,6Mb )

Музыка Nena
Настроение: Nice
Хочется: To talk to someone of my friends...
Категории: My life, My thoughts...
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пятница, 1 августа 2008 г.
Don't let me opening the Photoshop!... Seleny...Angel 21:18:26
Don't let me opening the Photoshop!!! I have a fixed idea to make photos and to work with then in the Photoshop!!! I'm goig crazy... All my friends asked me to make smth with their pics. And, of course, I do this! The comp is full of different kind of pics, made by me. What are they for?..

Музыка Silence
Настроение: Nice
Хочется: Mmmm..
Категории: Crazy!!!
Solar eclipse Seleny...Angel 10:16:55
I've come back from the roof. Today from 12:15 till 13 was a solar eclipse. Of course, I simply couldn't miss this event)))
The view was so stunning!!! I've made some photos, but you can't see the solar eclipse on them((( Only the bright sun! I was lying on my back with two pair of glasses on my eyes and a roentgenogram. Even with help of these things it still causes a lot of harm to your eyes.
So, take a look! The pics are not so beautiful, like that view, but...


Музыка Silence
Настроение: So so
Хочется: To sleep
Категории: Pictures
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воскресенье, 27 июля 2008 г.
A water fight!!!!!!!!! Seleny...Angel 17:05:42
A hot, stuffy summer day... What can be better, that a water fight on the backyard my house?:-D­
I invited my friends and while they were surfing the Net and forcing my comp to do diferent things, which are in a common life are unreal for him:-\­ , I made a cake(Yeah, I'm going crazy!!!)Here it is:

Then, after watching "Comedy Club", I suggested to have fun.:-D­ :-D­ :-D­ We found empty bottles and sprayers))) Shall I continue?:-D­
As the result we all were wet!!! And then a nice pic - three girls in underwear, trying to dry up(By the way, don't worry, no one saw us;-)­ )
A nice day... Damm, I'm my hair is still soggy8-}­

P.S. How is my pie?

Музыка The Ting Tings - That's not my name
Настроение: Excellent!!!
Хочется: To repeat this day
Категории: [...Feelings amd emotions...], Free-time activity)))
суббота, 26 июля 2008 г.
Sleeplessness Seleny...Angel 22:29:32
I can't fall asleep again.
3 topics a day... Wow! I'm in a great form:-\­
What are all these thoughts for? Who knows?
OMG! It's already 1:14...8-|­
Tomorrow I definately won't wake up till 14:00.. If someone won't help me]:-)­
Why am I writting all these stuff? It's simply useless!
Hm, once I succeed not to sleep for 24 hours8-}­ Then my friend came to me and woke me up... Actually, she rang the doorbell and I was sleeping at that time.(Only 10 a.m.And I went to bed at 5...)First I thought, that she was a glitch, but when she started laughing8-}­, I realized, that she was real...
Conclusion: Don't spend lots of time, while surfing the Net, it may causes you glitches.
Thnx for attention!
Good night!
Sweet Dreams!

Музыка Silence
Настроение: Sweeeeeeeeeet
Хочется: Sleeeeep
Категории: Sleeplessness
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...A chocolate cake...=) Seleny...Angel 20:19:56
Hm, one more time I realized how changeable can be my mood... In the afternoon I felt sad and now I fell so good!!! The only thing, that I miss, are my friends. Kate is somewhere in the other part of the town, Sondra, well, she is home now, but... I want to gather with all of them!!! At home, without parents, with music, a cam and a vacuum cleaner XD(Sorry, it's just one of my crazy memories=)))
I want to lie with them on my bed, talk about everything, listen to the music. I really missed that times.
I'll make a cake, with dark or white chocolate...=)
Ha, it even makes me laugh! It's so good to have memories. As some one said: Our memories is the only Paradise, from where no one can turn us out.

Музыка TH - Schrei
Настроение: Good!!!
Хочется: Nothing)))
Категории: My thoughts..., My mood, My life
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Hm? Seleny...Angel 10:46:47
I realized, that it is only one month left till the September(:|­ It makes me feel so sad and... Damm, I DON'T WANT TO GO TO SCHOOL!!! I didn't feel these holidays! They were too short... Only 2 months...AH!!! I'll cry now!!! The first my visit to school will started with:
1)Ah, hi! How are you? Bla-bla-bla... Have you already chosen the song, you'll sing on the school party?
Has anyone asked me, if I want to do this?!:-O­
2)On the ** of September, October, Novembet(underline what is right), you have to go to *** to participate in a competition, olinpiyad(underline­, what is right)...
No comments!!!X-(­
Yeah, I'm definately angry!!! What can they understand?! Do they know, how nervous I am before every competition?And of course, when I get to know, that I win smth - I'm happy! But they can't understand this!!! They simply start discussing my emotions and feelings! Who are they to do this??? Yes, I cried, 'cause I was really happy!!! They simply can't understand me!!! Luckily, I have my friends!
Ah, this word "friend"
makes me feel better... Breathe, breathe... Everything is ok!Turn on you favourite music, close your eyes and dream away.

Музыка The Pussycat Dolls - When I grow up
Настроение: Good, in spite of the rain
Хочется: To meet all my friends!!!
Категории: [...Feelings amd emotions...]
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пятница, 25 июля 2008 г.
Seleny...Angel 08:53:51
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среда, 16 июля 2008 г.
I'm home Seleny...Angel 17:31:26
I'm home now. I came only two hours ago. Everything is so different here... I know, that it always seems to be so, after coming from another place) Today I'm too tired to write about all my feelings after this small journey. I just came to say, that I'm back

Музыка Background
Настроение: Nice, but this headache kills me)))
Хочется: Nothing
Категории: My life, Holidays
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среда, 25 июня 2008 г.
...Milk and Honey... Seleny...Angel 21:04:52
Will it help? I hope so!!! That's it! Guess what? No? Ok...
I'm ill again. Lucky? Be sure in this! I'll be alright!
I just need some support, love and... And that's all!


Категории: My life, My thoughts...
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понедельник, 23 июня 2008 г.
~..<3..~ Seleny...Angel 13:49:39
When everything seems to be OK, I want to add smth else, smth special. Today was a cool day: going with my friends to the movie, eating ice-cream, laughting, warm weather... Mmmm, what can be better? But smth is missed! And I don't know WHAT!!! I need this "SMTH", but I can't understand what can it be... Some feelings! They are gone... Sometimes feel all alone in the whole city....

Музыка Blue - Sorry seems to be the hardest word
Настроение: Nice
Хочется: SMTH!!!!!!!!!!!
Категории: My thoughts..., My life
пятница, 20 июня 2008 г.
=) Seleny...Angel 18:55:40



When I'm happy - I sing!

When I'm sad - I sing!

I don't care about smth!

I only sing!


Sing it out loud! As loud as you can!

Музыка Tokio Hotel - By your side
Настроение: Sweeeeet!!!!
Категории: Happy!, [...Feelings amd emotions...]
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