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четверг, 19 июня 2008 г.
On holiday!!!(c) Seleny...Angel 10:40:54
The last exam is passed! As the result I'm free! Excelent marks, excelent mood))) It was so cool to get out from the school building and to scream "Yeah!!! Finaly!!!".

Музыка Background
Настроение: =)
Категории: Happy!, Holidays
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On holiday!!!(c) Seleny...Angel 10:39:36
The last exam is paased! As the result I'm free! Excelent marks, excelent mood))) It was so cool to get out from the school building and to scream
понедельник, 16 июня 2008 г.
[...Feelings amd emotions...] Seleny...Angel 16:26:18
I really feel
That I'm losing my best friend
I can't believe
This could be the end

It looks as though you're letting go
And if it's real,
Well I don't want to know


Музыка No doubt - Don't speak
Настроение: Awful
Категории: [...Feelings amd emotions...], My thoughts...
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воскресенье, 15 июня 2008 г.
Happiness=)) Seleny...Angel 08:38:36
What is happiness for u? For everybody it means smth special=) Yesterday I's watching the concert of Sir Paul McCartney on TV. Actually, I've never heard his music before, except of "Yesterday"))) But, talking about the enegry, with which he encouraged all people, who were there, standing under the heavy shower... It was owesome!!! All people were smiling!!! It's so cool to watch they singing and dancing, and simply having fun! Everybody! Kids, adults, teens and even old people!))) I appreciate such moments a lot! I like when others are happy! It makes me smile! On yesterday evening I was happy! These people were real! Without suits, that they wear everyday, going at work, without a make-up, only with smiles!)))) Yesterday, all people were like a single whole...
The power of music is very strong. And I'm sure, that in the list of most powerfull feelings and emotions it's not on the last place! It goes after Love!..

Музыка Consert of Tokio Hotel
Настроение: I feel smth special)))
Хочется: to pass the last exam)))
Категории: My thoughts..., Happy!
вторник, 3 июня 2008 г.
Yahoo!!!! Seleny...Angel 10:29:33
Today we've had our first exam! Ukrainian(:|­ My mark is ten!!!!!:-D­ =^B­ B-)­ I'm so happy. I have to pass only 3 exams and then have fun!!! Happy summer holidays to everybody!!!!And of course, I wish you to pass your exams well;-)­

Музыка Tokio Hotel - Reden=D
Настроение: Ah!!! I feel good!!!
Хочется: To pass all exams and forget about them!!!!
Категории: Yahoo!!!, My life
воскресенье, 25 мая 2008 г.
1000 questions... Who will answer? Seleny...Angel 17:32:12
Everyday I ask myself lots of question....
Why do people smoke?...
Don't they think about their health?...
Why don't people care about others?...
Where is the love?..
Does the real friendship and love exist?...
Where can people find them?...
Why do people lie?...
Why do they pretend?...
Why are some people so rude and evil?...
Why do I hate the rain?...
Why do we have tp say "good bye" to people we love?...
Why can't we imagine our lives without someone?...
Why is it so difficult to lose someone?..
...All these questions starts with "why"... And every minute a new one appears in my head...

Who can answer?

Музыка Keane - Try again
Категории: Questions
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суббота, 24 мая 2008 г.
[Why am I so stubborn?!] Seleny...Angel 20:55:18
It's must be my mentality.:-?­ :-\­ Sometimes I can't understand myself... Everyday I get up at 6:50, then I go to school, bla-bla-bla, come home, have my dinner, do my h/t and then tired and sleepy have only one wish:to get to my bed, as quickly, as it is only possible. But I don't do this!!!Stupid, stupid, stupid!!!I usually go to the kitchen to wish my mom "sweet dreams" and stay there till the soap-opera CSI:NY isn't finished. Isn't this stupid??? Then, next day I can hardly open my eyes and to turn off the alarm, singing "Wake me up, when September ends"8-}­ All morning are the same for me, 'cause I don't remember them. I do everything automatically and only at school I finally wake up. And today I'll stay awake till I won't get to know the results of the Eurovision. But the good thing is that tomorrow is Sunday:-D­ :-D­ :-D­ The sweeeetest day in the whole week, after Saturday.
Holidays - 4eva!!!:-D­
Exams are sucks!!!]:-)­

Музыка TH - Hilf Mir fliegen
Настроение: So so
Хочется: Ice cream))))
Категории: My mood, My thoughts...
вторник, 20 мая 2008 г.
Almost the end of the sping... The spirit of summer in my heart and soul... Seleny...Angel 18:10:18
The sun shines, the sky is clear and blue with big white and fluphy clouds, the weather is warm and I feel good. Sometimes I even forget about my future exams=) I haven't written here for quite a long period of time, 'cause I have to give up a lot in order to get a proper prepiration for all those tests. Ah, I'm so nervous, I'm afraid... Especially for Math and Ukrainian. I'm afraid I'll fail them:-[­ I know these subjects well, but I'm so tired of studing and learning smth new. And I'm not sure, if this 2 and a half months will be enough for me to relax and to have fun:-\­ The only one problem, is that my friend's Birthday Party is on the 2th on June and on the 3rd of June we have our first exam... This is unfair!!!And this is not all! On the 2th of June we have a special consultation8-}­ Ah... But still, life is good, the Sun shines, the sky is also blue=)...

Музыка Smth from the film Sweet November... Ah, such a sweet movie
Настроение: Nice...
Хочется: Ice-cream(yes!!! I need it again!!!)
Категории: My thoughts...
среда, 7 мая 2008 г.
New pics from me... Seleny...Angel 14:04:34
Finally the weather is better now and I'm not ill=)That's why I have a chance to go on the roof of our house and to make photos.



Музыка Tokio Hotel
Настроение: Nice, but feel a little bit tired
Хочется: To hug my pillow
Категории: Pictures
суббота, 3 мая 2008 г.
Yahoo! Seleny...Angel 12:21:27
Do you know how to go from school easily?:-?­ O:-)­ All, that you have to do - is to sing the Himn of your country on the lesson and in the room of the director:-D­ :-D­ :-D­ It really helps!!!Today is Saturday and because of that stupid quarantine we have to go to school...(:|­ 8-}­ Of course, no one wants to do this. Today only 6 pupils from my class were at school. Smb else tried to enter the classroom, but we've closed it:-P­ So, we didn't have the first lesson, the second was Physics8-}­ 8-}­ 8-}­ When teacher entered the room, we were standing, holding our hand on our hearts and singing the Himn to the music, which was on the telephone of the only one boy in the class:-D­ (Jenya, you are our saviour!!!;-)­ )Then we persuaded all the teachers to let us to go homeB-)­ (Of course, we've done only with the help of our national song8-}­ ) So, the day was very interesting:-D­ But it hasn't ended yet!;~)­


Подкаст GimnUkraina_3.mp3 ( 01:13 / 285,5kb )

Музыка Listen to the podcast!!!(It's a joke!!!!)
Настроение: Cool!!!
Хочется: Ha-ha, I don't want Ice-cream anymore!!!But, who knows...
Категории: Free-time activity)))
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вторник, 29 апреля 2008 г.
La-la-la!=)) Seleny...Angel 18:15:12
The first school day! After this long time,during which I'd been sitting at home and trying to recover, as soon as it only was possible. It wasn't dificult 4 me to get used to this crazy life-style at school(many people say, that I'm crazy... Hm, maybe, maybe]:-)­ :-D­ )Tomorrow we're having short lessons:-P­ and then two days of holidays:-D­ Ice-cream, ice-cream, roller-skating... Yahooooo!!!!:-D­ I don't care, that I've just recovered:-$­ , I simply need to do smth! I can't stay at one place anymore. It was so cool to see all my friends:-*­ ! But the bad side of all thing is my exams, which I have to pass. It's not fair, that the first one is on my friend's Birthday party. Hm, or maybe it's good?!Who knows?.. We will pass the exam and then go to her place, have fun, drink(:­-$ :^)­ a little!!!!And only Champagne!!!O:-)­ :-D­ )Another thing, that the exam can be on the next day(:|­ 8-}­ Headache....Aaahhhh­h!But now I have only one task - to prepeare to my exams!!! Ah, forget it:-)­ ;-)­


Музыка Goldfinger - 99 red balloons!!!!=))
Настроение: Nice, nice, nice!!!
Хочется: Still the same :')
Категории: My life, Free-time activity)))
воскресенье, 27 апреля 2008 г.
Wonderful! Seleny...Angel 13:32:31
How do you think, am I lucky?Of course I'm!!!! Now I'm sitting alone at home and can't go out! And do you know why???'Cause the door jammed!!!!Ahhhh8-}­ 8-}­ 8-}­ I simply can't open it! But the worst thing is that my pets really need to get out...What do I have to do?! SOS!!!!:-[­


Музыка Ssimple Plan - Perfect world
Настроение: Awful!!!
Хочется: To open this dammit door and get out of the house!!!
Категории: Awful(((, SOS!!!!
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Happy Holiday! Seleny...Angel 09:27:59
Happy Easter to everybody!

Музыка TH
Настроение: Cool!
Хочется: Summer!!!!
Категории: Holidays
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четверг, 24 апреля 2008 г.
Thank you, our angels! Seleny...Angel 17:34:36
Do you believe in angels? I do! Today is the day, that proved to me, that they exists. I don't want to retell the whole story of my life, that means a lot to me and my family. I just can say, that it happened 1 year ago. This day is the second birth of my mom. And I'm very happy that now everything is allrignt! I'm glad, that my mom is sitting in the kitchen now with our friends and laughing! I'm glad, that she is alive!


Музыка Lama - I need this so much
Настроение: Good
Хочется: Still, I want ice-cream)))
Категории: Happy!
понедельник, 21 апреля 2008 г.
[Loneliness - good?bad?] Seleny...Angel 14:20:18
I can't stand it no more! Today I went to the doctor again. She said, that I had to stay at home till Wednesday! Then another doctor, said, that I had problems with my stomach... Ah!..


Музыка I don't know
Настроение: Awful
Хочется: To break away
Категории: Awful(((
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четверг, 17 апреля 2008 г.
Seleny...Angel 14:31:41
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среда, 16 апреля 2008 г.
...It's so sad to be alone at home... Seleny...Angel 10:09:30

...It's so sad to be alone at home, especially, when you are ill... When all people frome your contact list are off-line... Must be, that's what I can call loneliness?...It's only Wednesday today and I have to stay at home till the next week. And I can hear only:"Don't go outside or do you want to have complications???" But still, when everybody are away I leave the house, sit down on the steps and look on the blue-blue sky with white... oops, they are grey now... clouds. It's a pity, that my walkman is broken now((( and I can't listen to the music, so no one can bother me.


Музыка Tokio Hotel - Sacred
Настроение: So...so...
Хочется: To get well
Категории: My thoughts...
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пятница, 4 апреля 2008 г.
Soap bubbles!!!! Seleny...Angel 15:31:08


It seems, that nothing can spoil my good mood now. Ha, maybe))) Today was a cute day, but it hasn't ended yet;-)­ And I don't feel sad and sorry,'cause we have to go to school tomorrow!(Was it Me, who said that?8-|­ :-\­ ) I just feel happy! But I can't explain, why I feel like this. I'm just happy, that the sun shines, white and fluffy clouds are in the sky...Hm, maybe it's me, who is in the clouds?..... Yeah!!! It's so easy to make our days happier!To walk down in the park after school and to start up soap bubbles))) Maybe it's spring, which makes me feel so? I don't know, but I like this! And actually, today I realised, that, when we become adults the more we want to be kids again, and when we are kids - we want to grow up as quickly as it is only possible! And it's so cool to be a teen!'Cause no one can tell you, that you are crazy,(but in real we all a little bit crazy:-D­ ), 'cause you hold a balloon in your hand, have fun with your friends and start up soap bubbles!)))


Музыка Martha - Few seconds
Настроение: Cute
Хочется: Ice Cream!!!!
Категории: My thoughts...
среда, 2 апреля 2008 г.
I'm back... Seleny...Angel 15:09:38
Here I am, with new tasks, ideas and dreams...:-)­ No, must be my dreams are still the same=)Now I can finally feel the spring's spirit outside: the weather is warmer, the sky is not so sad, like it was before... Everything seems to be brighter!I'm looking forward to summer. Finally, I will have a chance to sleep a lot, to skate, to have fun(perhaps I think so:-?­ )But before summer's coming, I have to pass my exams8-}­ (:|­ Geography, Math, Ukrainian, English(:­-D ) and Biology... Scary8-|­
P.S. By the way, it's stil painfull for me to eat and to open my mouth wide... But I keep singing all the time and talking...


Музыка Smth of Avril Lavigne...
Настроение: Cute
Категории: My life, My thoughts...
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суббота, 15 марта 2008 г.
It's about 2 a.m. now... And I don'... Seleny...Angel 23:27:39
It's about 2 a.m. now... And I don't want to go to bed...I think about so many things and it seems, that I will never understand them... I'm very nervous, maybe I'm a little bit scared... I just need some support. Yeah... I don't want to go to another town! I don't want to participate in that stupid competition! I'm tired... I have to learn so many things...in one week. I have to repeat everything... And I don't want to! All these thoughts have been destroying my brain for three days and still now I can't stop thinking about this... I want to break away! I can't understand, why do we have to stay at that town for a whole week? It will be so dificult... But I don't think, that I'll win smth. I'm not so lucky!.. Lucky Sunny... Ha, sometimes my friend call me like that) It's so strange... I must be have to go to bed... But I won't fall asleep!! Ah...

Категории: My thoughts...
четверг, 13 марта 2008 г.
Seleny...Angel 12:28:16
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воскресенье, 9 марта 2008 г.
Seleny...Angel 16:06:38
Запись только для зарегистрированных пользователей.
Kate!!!! Seleny...Angel 09:39:00
One day I'll kill her!:-D­ Honestly!!! Where is she? We decided to go to the pizzeria and where is she now??? I think we won't have a chance to have fun:-|­ ... The weather is sux! It's raining outside(I hate rain!!!) Where is this summer, when I need it so much!?:-[­ ...................­. Wow! Kate was in the bathroom:-D­ and she didn't hear her phone8-}­ Goodbye pizza - hello lessons!8-}­ :-[­ ]:-)­... Still, school is sucks!!!!:-P­ :-D­ B-)­

Музыка Green Day - Holiday!!!
Настроение: Soso
Хочется: It's impossible!.. maybe)))
Категории: My thoughts...
вторник, 4 марта 2008 г.
What I like) Seleny...Angel 20:12:08
I decided to add some pictures, which will perhaps a little tell what I like)))

Подробнее…­­ - eeee, love rules the world;-)­ :-)­
­­ - I can't live without music. Even now I'm listening to it)
­­ - no comments))))
­­ - I'm fond of roller-skating
­­ - Summer holidays - 4eve!:-D­
­­ - .......
­­ - ICQ rules!B-)­
­­ - My friends are the best!!! Kate, Mary, Luda, Ksenya and Kate - I LOVE U!:-*­ :-D­
­­ - Sun is shining and etc...
­­ - Tea is the best way to feel warm)))

Настроение: Cool
Категории: Pictures
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четверг, 28 февраля 2008 г.
School is sucks!!! Seleny...Angel 16:56:45
The first school day... OMG! I'm falling asleep!(:|­ I haven't done my hometask yetO:-)­ Till the 26th of April we have to study on Saturdays8-|­ I can't present how I'm going to rise up at 6:45 6 days a week... Ok, I'm really very sleepy, so I have to go, before I didn't fall asleep.

Музыка Nena - Liebe ist
Настроение: ...
Хочется: To sleeeeeep!!!!!!!
Категории: My life
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