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четверг, 21 февраля 2008 г.
Hi!!! Seleny...Angel 07:04:13
I'm so glad! It's my Birthday Party today)))But I haven't born yet:^)­ Actually, I was born on February 21, at 9:40 a.m., so I'm still 14 years old)))And 40 minutes left, till I'll be 15) Happy Birthday to me

Музыка Em, I don't know)))
Настроение: Excellent
Хочется: I want to sleep)))
Категории: Holidays
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четверг, 14 февраля 2008 г.
Happy St. Valentine!!!! Seleny...Angel 12:52:42
Happy St. Valentine to every one!

Музыка Silence)
Настроение: Cool!!!
Хочется: I want to... I want to... I don't)
Категории: Holidays
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среда, 13 февраля 2008 г.
St. Valentine Day... Seleny...Angel 18:08:58
Tomorrow is the St. Valentine Day))) And I will be on special lessons till 15 p.m. tomorrow(((Cool(:|­,B But it's a common thing for me to spend this holiday alone. Unfortunately, we have a quarantine now:-[­ and I won't have an oportunity to meet with my friends... I wonder, what is Kate doing now?.. I missed her so much!:-[­ She always supports me)................­.And now I don't want to go to that stupid olimpiad. I don't want to represent out region at the whole Ukrainian competition. I think, that I'm not ready.:-\­ :-[­ It's a very big responsibility.

Музыка No doubt - Don't speak
Настроение: Normal
Хочется: I want...Ah, it still won't come true(
Категории: My thoughts...
вторник, 5 февраля 2008 г.
... Seleny...Angel 20:05:26
I'm so tired!!! School is sucks! Hate it. If I like singing, it doesn't mean, that I can sing everything. How can they ask me to go on that stupid competition? And how can I prepeare everything in 2 lessons a week??? And I can't show my emotions, when I'm singing THAT songs... They are senseless! It seemes to me, that teachers and my classmates think, that I'm a robot... But I need rest too!.. Sorry, I'm just very nervous and tired now. I need to think about smth very beautiful, to look at the candle, at sky, to listen to my favourite music... Or maybe just to go to bed...Or to dream, again...Only dreams can help me to forget about this rude world


Музыка Tokio Hotel - Spring Nicht
Настроение: Sad
Хочется: I don't know...
Категории: My thoughts...
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воскресенье, 3 февраля 2008 г.
Feel so sad((( Seleny...Angel 18:33:38
I don't know why, but I feel so sad now((( I'm siiting alone at home and... and that's all...Beautiful stars in the sky...It's so nice now, maybe someone is looking at the sky now, just like me...

Музыка Mika Newton - Lunapark
Настроение: ...
Хочется: To be in good mood
Категории: My mood
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пятница, 1 февраля 2008 г.
Cool day! Seleny...Angel 15:10:54
We have had only 4 lessons at school today and it's cool!!! Usually we have 7 lessons, that's why I come home only at half past three(:|­ OMG! But we haven't had all lessons, 'cause lots of pupils are ill... I don't want school to be closed for a quarantine... cause then till tha end of the school year we will have to go to school on Saturdays8-|­ :'(­ ... The main thing for me, not to fall ill, like I always do:-D­

Музыка Sky - Best friend
Настроение: Nice
Хочется: Eeee... I don't know=)
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понедельник, 28 января 2008 г.
Seleny...Angel 20:58:38
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суббота, 19 января 2008 г.
Hi to all!!! Seleny...Angel 14:38:13
Hi! I don't know, why I decided to make here this blog:-?­ Maybe, I hope, that this will help me to improve my english?..I don't know) Anyway, if u want to talk - come to my place. I hope, that i will make new friend here.


Музыка Tina Karol - White sky
Настроение: Everything is ok
Хочется: Tomorrow I'm going to the compeptition and I want to win perhaps the 3rd or 4th prise)
Категории: My life
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